Superior Customer Service

We focus to offer a superior customer service, that is our major goal in our company and our daily motivation.

The customer is the most important person in our company and we try to meet and exceed their expectations.

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Fast Quotation

When we receive the request for quote from the customer we immediately start working on it and we always try to submit the quotation as soon as possible and keep informed the customer about the status of the inquiry.

Competitive Prices

Our commitment is always to do our best to offer a competitive price in our quotation.

Technical Support

Sometimes the customer needs some help to identify the part or has questions about the application of the parts or equipments, in those cases we are always willing to help the customer and provide the best information required to identify the part or equipment.

 The support provided to the customer includes information about the part or equipment such as specifications, drawings, manuals or any other document when available.

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On Time Delivery

We know how important and critical is the delivery of the material for the customer therefore we follow up every order to meet the delivery time agreed with the customer. Our commitment is to deliver the order on time.

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Quality Products

We always supply OEM products (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the brand requested by the customer, the customer will always receive quality products.


Order Status

When we receive purchase orders from customer we send an order confirmation and keep the customer informed about the order status.

The customer can access any time to the Customer Portal in this website to know the status of the purchase order, quotations and tracking information, it is great tool designed for the customer.